About DeGesh eMedinfo

-We are a group of business developers, startup coaches, entrepreneurship educators and new technology commercialization experts. Our team has PhD and MSc holders with more than 10 years of working experience. Our team members are serial entrepreneurs, and they belong to different professional bodies as Fellow and Associate members.

Our Vision

-To offer a secured digital platform for medical information globally.

Our Mission

- To be a leading company in keeping, tracking and providing all medical information, such as registration of patients, patient's health records, and patients bills management, via online and mobile phone app.

- To be a leading company in providing individual's medical information for an emergency need.

- To promote medical centres globally(Eg. Hospitals, clinics, laboratories etc.)

Our Strengths

  1. - High level of expertise in digital technologies, data analytics, and artificial intelligence
  2. - High level expertise in business administration, marketing, and technology commercialization
  3. - Global networks and intercultural experience
  4. - Mutual understanding with clients, partners and agents.

Our Core Values

  1. - Accuracy
  2. - Transparency
  3. - Conveniency